Ten year anniversary celebration

Tonight was a celebration of ten years of LVCF (Loxley Valley Community Farm)! We had a magic evening, a really special get together of farmies current and those who’ve been part of the project through the years.

Open Farm Sunday

Dreadful weather was forecast but we had a really great day - didn’t get rained on! Despite a general lack of organisation this year the event went really rather well.

Fairy lights, swarm box, beer on swings

Lots of little jobs to tidy the farm up and make it the best it’s been all year for Open Farm Sunday - hoping for good weather and lots of people to join us for the day and hopefully maybe a some will want to join the farm.

More asparagus moving...

Our first March workday saw work continue on moving the Asparagus to the new beds. This is a slow and arduous job to prevent too much damage to the crowns.

New year, new chicken run, new woodburner and a full (round) house

The first work day of 2019 was a great success, not necessarily because of the amount of work done (we did loads), but because almost every farm member was there, which makes it so much more enjoyable to be a part of and motivates everyone. Which led to a very full round house for lunch.

Help us with our number twos!

The farm has applied to the Aviva Community Fund to purchase a fully accessible composting toilet and baby change facilities with associated landscaping and equipment to maintain the area and give safe access.

Chicken run

The focus of today was to start on a long standing project to improve the chicken run.

A trailer full of it

What we really need is a really bit trailer and a really big tractor to bring a really large quantity of manure - yes really!

Rob takes a bath!

It didn’t take long before we’d found a use for the area that we’d cleared with the beast (see previous post). Our illustrious new head of veg decreed that this area should henceforth be known as…

The beast!

We’ve had a task to do for some time now: take care of the sheep field, tackle brambles etc which were getting out of control.

Bumper crop and hot black rubber

Today was a very, very hot day on the farm. Magnificent for sitting around and taking it easy, enjoying the view down the valley from the farm, not so great if there is work to be done.

Pond cam

Zoe & Adrian put a lot of effort this year into creating a wildlife pond. So we put out a camera to record any visitors to the pond.

Open Farm Sunday

Open Farm Sunday 2018 was our most successful yet, we had more visitors than ever before. The weather was amazing, plant sales went well, cakes sold out and we had a reporter from the Sheffield Telegraph visit us and write a double page spread about us in the paper.

March 2017

The year seemed to start in earnest in March! The weather was relatively good which meant we cracked on with a lot of jobs. The main project this month was getting the container onto site and we had 2 deliveries of hardcore to facilitate this. Lots of heavy work shifting gravel but many hands made light work of it and after a few hours it was done! We also built foundations for the container to keep it off the ground (and level!)

January 2017

The January sunshine at our first workdays of 2017 attracted the most people we have seen at a workday for a while! With more than 20 volunteers we soon cracked on with the jobs.

Roundhouse Construction

We have been working on building a roundhouse in memory of Dave Buckle who was a member of the project. The plan is for it to have a living roof, with a whole in the centre so we can have small campfires inside during the cooler months. Work has been ongoing throughout the winter and we now have the main structure completed.

River Cottage visit LVCF!

On the 10th of November the farm welcomed its first celebrity guest when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall visited as part of filming for the latest series of River Cottage.

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